Living life the heart’s way

Sometimes we don’t have to look for answers. The answers come looking for us. This is what happened to me the other day. I had just published my last post when Val showed up. She hardly ever leaves without leaving a thoughtful comment and this time she left something even more precious: a little nudge. The simple fact that she had commented on my post made me look up her latest ones. Which led me straight to Mooji. And this in turn led me to a beautiful quote that has been with me since.

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What if…?

At some point in my life I concluded that life equals struggle. That I had to protect myself from bad things. And that good things didn’t just happen to me, but that I had to study, work hard, put in some sweat to get them. But what if… life didn’t need to be the permanent struggle it seemed to be? What if… my experience was just an uninterrupted loop of the law of attraction at work, confirming what I believed to be true? And what if… I could break out of that loop and rewire it?

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