My better feeling choice

If you’ve read my ‘what if’ post you will know that I’ve come to the conclusion that I might want to try living like a leaf floating down a river. For the sake of experiencing a different kind of life: one of less struggle, one of more flow. Now, as you can imagine, it’s quite a quantum leap from furiously paddling upstream, as I used to, to floating downstream without resistance. So I’ve come up with a different mode of transportation for now: Walking on stepping stones. Downstream.

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What if…?

At some point in my life I concluded that life equals struggle. That I had to protect myself from bad things. And that good things didn’t just happen to me, but that I had to study, work hard, put in some sweat to get them. But what if… life didn’t need to be the permanent struggle it seemed to be? What if… my experience was just an uninterrupted loop of the law of attraction at work, confirming what I believed to be true? And what if… I could break out of that loop and rewire it?

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Yoga for perfectionists

If you are a perfectionist and have attempted taking up yoga, you might have run into a road block just like I have. My original idea was, of course, to learn how to let go, how to just be in the present moment, to accept reality exactly as it is. That’s what perfectionists need to learn and what yoga promises (besides the perfect body). This is until you find out that perfectionism is also precisely what stands in the way of escaping from perfectionism through yoga.

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