Do you watch the credits once the movie has ended? It’s an old art, an old-fashioned thing to do. I kind of like it. It allows me to feel the aftermath of what I have just watched and felt. And sometimes, rarely, the credits are more than just credits. They are little pearls.

I’ve started watching The Kominsky Method on Netflix. I don’t usually watch series. I stick with movies because they don’t seduce me into binge-watching. I stumbled into this one by mistake. I just saw Michael Douglas. I like him so I just pressed “play” after I saw the trailer and there I was. Binge-watching.

It’s a beautiful series, about life, about loss, about love. It sounds a bit flat the way I put it here. In fact, it’s really good. I just don’t have the right words to do it justice. Let’s just say, it had me in tears. Every single one of the first three episodes. In a good way. Which is why I interrupted the autoplay of the next episode and hit “watch credits” instead to collect myself.

I almost missed it. There was just a flicker of a quote. I only caught part of it. Given the state of my eyes. But it resonated with me straight away. So I hit rewind. To stick with the old-fashioned word. And there it was:

credits 1

I liked it. Don’t you? And I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was glad, my tears had made me pause. Otherwise I would have missed it.

Sometimes a good pause in the right moment really does help change perspective. So next time around, again teary-eyed, I purposefully waited for the credits hoping for another pearl. And sure enough there it was (warning: cover your eyes or skip entirely if you can’t stomach swear words):

credits 2

I think I needed to hear this today. I’d just seen a friend. A friend that I had hurt without meaning to. I kinda felt that I was right because I hadn’t meant to. And yet. Well. It still hurt.

So I apologized. Somewhat delayed. But I did.

Sometimes it’s worth waiting for the credits.


20 thoughts on “Credits

  1. Not only do we not watch credits but we “skip intro” when there’s the option too. We binge watch series & husband has become expert at knowing where to skip to when he has to do it manually. I know there are times at the cinema where films have a little treat at the end of the credits for the people who stay.

    Husband has a quote very similar to that last pearl & I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. Something like “peace is better than victory”.

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  2. I commend you for doing the right thing if you think you hurt someone. It’s not always easy,, but then, I guess it shouldn’t be. In my opinion, not having the ability and/or willingness to apologize is a personality flaw. I think it’s important to be able to apologize to anyone you’ve hurt, friend or not. Glad to hear that you patched things up someone you obviously care about.
    And yes, I do like to watch the credits! The Kominsky Method sounds interesting. Thanks for passing that along.

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    1. I thought you might, given how you listen to music albums all the way through… 😊

      And yes, it‘s important to be able to apologise. Another lost art… The hardest I think is to just say sorry, without any attempt of an explanation. I’m glad I managed to do it. Feels better than feeling right.

      I already finished the series. I didn’t realise it was so short. What a bummer. I really liked it.

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  3. I wanted to pass on that I’ve been drinking ginger tea every day for a few weeks now. It’s not bad. I drink it mainly for the health benefits, It’s definitely better than diet coke or diet squirt every day! The aroma is pretty amazing when I’m making it.

    Also, my wife and I just finished the Kominsky Method. We both really liked it! I admit, I totally did not pay attention to the credits, even though I had planned to. In fact, I think you can hit the “next episode” button you can pretty much binge-watch the whole thing, so we missed them all…sorry. But it was great. I’m actually getting to the age where I could relate to most of it.

    That’s what i like about blogging, sharing ideas, experiences, even tea ideas and TV series. Two good things I picked up from your blog. Thank-you!

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    1. I’m so happy to hear that, Des. Both, that you and your wife enjoyed The Kominsky Method. And that the ginger tea is doing you good. It’s funny, I’ve thought a lot lately about whether I should edit my original post about the Kominsky Method and include that it’s not just about life and love and loss. But also about getting older.

      I knew that when I posted it but it wasn’t what I could relate to most. Because I’m not in that age group yet, I guess. I was intrigued by it, though. In fact, it’s what made me watch it in the first place. Because in that trailer about the series there was this one line that really cracked me up: “I wake up every morning, wondering about which part of my body will not function today”, or something like that.

      It’s an experience I have yet to make. But I duly noted it. As a result I have become much more aware of all the wonders my body performs day in day out. Sorry, I’m rambling a bit. I’ll stop now. You know what I’m getting at. It’s a wonderful, multilayered series. And I’m glad you enjoyed it, too. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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      1. I definitely related to The Kominsky Method in many ways, and I actually I AM entering that age group where I wonder what’s going to go wrong next. However, I also am constantly amazed that things heal and I keep getting second chances to do physical things I thought would never happen again. I’ve actually been working on a draft about the thrill of running again at age 63, something I thought was gone forever (knee issues). I struggle a lot sometimes, wondering what is actually interesting and shareable, but sometimes I just go with it, in hopes that it doesn’t come across the wrong way.
        I think it’s great that you enjoyed this series. Aging is actually a beautiful thing. Personally, I both fight it and embrace it at the same time. There’s both good and bad. Most of the bad stuff is actually quite funny anyway, as the show points out, even funnier if you’ve been there. Things like prostate exams, antacids and Prilosec and sleeping with an elevated bed are perfect setups for quality comedy. I was quite pleased that my wife enjoyed it as well because I usually let her make all the movie decisions. It’s a rare day that I actually come up with any ideas on my own!
        I hope when you get older you experience some of the same blessings I’ve been able to enjoy in my lifetime. I think you will. I enjoyed reading your reply, thank-you! You have a great day too.

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      2. I’m glad I could contribute to you impressing your wife. 😀 How funny to think that my post could have such an effect. You know what? I actually re-watched the first episode just now. I’ve started doing that, re-watching movies, a while back.

        It’s strange. It never appealed to me before. After all I knew what to expect. But that has changed. I now appreciate the repetition, I welcome the comfort of knowing what’s next and yet to discover something new, a subtle nuance that I had previously missed. I guess that has to do with getting older, too. We learn to enjoy smaller pleasures and find comfort in the oddest places.

        I’m encouraged by what you write about your aging process and how you deal with it. Sounds like you’re making the best of both, the good and the bad. I certainly hope that I will be able to do the same when the time comes. At the moment I’m still plugging my grey hair, refusing to accept that it’s actually mine…

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      3. That’s interesting about watching the first episode again. It reminds me of listening to an entire LP album again. I’ve hardly ever done that, but when I have, I’ve almost always seen (or heard) it a little differently the second time around.
        I’m glad to hear you’re encouraged by what I’ve said about aging. In some ways, these have been the best days of my life. I don’t really miss anything, but then, I still do most of what I’ve always done, just not as fast as before. As for the grey hair, I often admire it on both men and women. Who knows, maybe some day you’ll embrace it!


  4. I laughed so much out loud when I came to the second quote! I always watch the credits right to the end of a film … and now I know why. 😀

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