Oasis of slow

This morning I got my hair cut. I don’t usually like getting my hair cut. I never know if I’ll recognize myself afterwards. I also never have this wellness feeling that people describe. To me it always feels like an appointment. Except for today. I had recently discovered a small hairstylist just around the corner from my place. It’s called ‘the hair garden’. That in itself sounds magical already. But it also looks that way: Simple, yet elegant. Playful, yet peaceful. A small arrangement of delicate flowers in the window. A little oasis of slow.

So today I went there and as soon as I sat down I felt at peace. There was a soft stream of Snatam Kaur singing in the background. A light spring breeze from the open door that lead straight to a little bench, positioned in front of the store, shaded by a tree. When I leaned back to get my hair washed and looked up I was greeted by a little angel with a harp, slightly swinging left and right from a tiny hook in the ceiling. I’m not usually a fan of angel sculptures but I did like this one. It just looked so friendly and well-meaning.

I told the hair stylist how I liked my hair done. And that I planned on going out this evening. So, if she could please cut it so that it looked like, well, not fresh from the hairdresser? More, ahem, organic? I’ll do my best, she says. And for some reason I trusted her. So much so that I even closed my eyes when she started cutting and kept them closed throughout. And not just because it was the safest way to protect my eyes from falling hair. I could have dozed off. Maybe I even did…


turtleShe cut it perfectly, just as expected. When I paid I was surprised by how cheap the cut was, less than half of what I usually pay, for twice the quality. We parted our ways, not without me telling her how much I adored her little oasis. She was visibly pleased and, with a knowing sigh, said that she would not have it any other way. She’d worked in other places but could not stand them. The way she’d arranged her own studio was the only way she could deal with daily routine.

I left, feeling unusually peaceful and relaxed. I even stopped at a small cute café right opposite my place where they sell wonderful homemade cake and lemonade, and decided to indulge some more. It’s only then that by looking into my wallet I realized that I had forgotten to tip her. So while my iced latte and apricot crumble were being prepared I strolled back to do just that.

I saw her from far away. She was sitting on that little bench, having a piece of cake herself. Looking all peaceful and content. And I thought: I want that, too. A job that allows me to have moments of deep peace while I’m at it. A fulfilling occupation that does not deny me the simple pleasures of life. Like a little break when I feel like it. A peaceful place in the sunshine. A timely time-out. A little oasis of slow.

I’m so tired of this hustle and bustle, the huffing and puffing, the restlessness of the life I used to live before it forced me take a step back and evaluate. I want to try something new. I want to live a slow life. I want to actually experience time as it goes by. Not just wonder where the hell it went while I was busy doing whatever hectic thing I was doing.

I still don’t know what this could look like. But her way of doing it gave me new hope that there always is a way to do it. Even in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a huge city. Even when everybody else’s way seems to tell you that it’s just the way it is. I’m starting to think it does not have to be this way. Not if we choose otherwise.

I. Want. To. Slow. Down.


Feature image © Pixabay

26 thoughts on “Oasis of slow

  1. I love this. This was such an oasis for me.💙 I had just listened to my husband say life is just hard work. And I decided to hold my knowing that it can be different. I told myself “Even if I have to risk it not working. I’m gonna hold this feeling inside and live like life is gentler.”
    Then I was so happy to find your post. Have a gentle day — 💙Laurie

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    1. Thank you, Laurie, it’s such a pleasure to hear that my post did for you what the hair studio did for me. I like your expression of a gentler life. Gentle is such a fitting word for it! Have a gentle day, too!

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  2. Great post. Ended with a beautiful mantra/prayer, I totally blissed out for 9+ minutes…….the miracle is complete…….as I sit with a huge smile.

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  3. Wonderful. So glad you found the hair garden . . . wish it was located right around the corner from me! Enjoy time as you S~L~O~W down and go with the flow!

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    1. So do I. Now. It took me a while to truly appreciate it. I just looked up your blog as well. It seems we’re into similar strategies: slowness, gardening, decluttering. I’m glad Debbie connected us. 🙂

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  4. Oh my gosh… you wrote my thoughts! Kindred spirits for sure. It takes awhile to realize we’re going too fast, on autopilot. Recently I reduced my hours to 32 per week. It took months of negotiation with my administrators and I really didn’t think it would happen, but it did. The universe conspired with me! It’s been wonderful. Now I have to be mindful that I don’t fill the time created for peace, for quiet, for sitting in the trees on my deck, planting flowers, reading, writing……. just being letting everything else go. No shopping, cooking, cleaning, no people to be “on” for, maybe just taking the little dog for a walk in the park. Sooooooo peaceful, listening to the song in the trees. do you know they all sound different? the wind rustles the leaves, but each different type makes a different sound. It’s pretty cool when you realize and hear it. So I’m with you. And each day is going to be more peace-filled and slower, even if I’m working. It’s already begun. And so it is and so it will be. Thanks for your blog. Love it!

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    1. What a treat to read your comment. It always amazes me how much we can lift each other up just by sharing our good moments. I can see you sitting on your deck, listening to the trees. I’ve never noticed that they each sound differently but I might not have listened closely enough. I do have the time now to practice. And will 🙂 Have a lovely day and thank you for your wonderful blog, too.


  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I’m pleased to hook up. As you read on my blog, I’ve been dealing with serious health issues, which have forced me into the slow lane as well as towards a more “organic” lifestyle. It’s taken me a long time to find a sense of peace and to be able to sit without feeling itchy feet. I suspect that I’ve been through so much now, that I’m in another zone now. Just cruising. Yet, our lives are very busy. Our daughter dances which means multiple classes throughout the week and I believe keeping my kids busy, keeps them out of trouble. Stimulates their minds and gets them off electronics.
    It’s hard to reach a balance, but for me, it’s something to keep striving towards and re-shaping your path to keep that focus.

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  6. This is just…everything. Everything I feel right now. I, too, am noticing those beautiful rare people who create what they want to see in the world, rather than just going along with the fast pace of the masses and missing out on that gorgeous “oasis of slow.” Love this post <333

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    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! It made me re-read some of your blog posts. ‘Hello, this is your life calling’ puts me into the same mood as the little oasis of slow did. I guess, once you’re in that frequency it kind of keeps coming back. I like that. Could get used to that. I wish it were easier to sustain, though. Thank you for dropping by at the little oasis of slow. Feel free to come back anytime to relax. 🙂

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  7. This is beautiful and I’m right there with you. I have worked hard all my life and sometimes, most often time has passed me by with little quality. I have lived the values of others and I am making my own. There is more to life and that is to be on our own time and not the one of others. Less is more and I am reevaluating what truly matters.
    For me it was a matter of going through the steps of spiritual awakening. I listed 7 of them and my own personal experience to each. Especially when reaching the point when we challenge the status quo to find our own truths. Wishing you the best in your own journey and sending much love your way.

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    1. Thank you for visiting once more. Yes, so true, there is so much more to life and being on my own time (and path) has become my first priority. It’s a learning curve and I’m not quite there yet, if one can ever be, but it feels right, even the search feels right. Thanks for your warm encouragement.

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    1. Thank you for this reblog – and the other one – I feel very honored. I’ve noticed the same thing, too. When we focus on what’s important, and only on that, and give it all our attention, then time really does slow down. It’s magical.

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