Living life the heart’s way

Sometimes we don’t have to look for answers. The answers come looking for us. This is what happened to me the other day. I had just published my last post when Val showed up. She hardly ever leaves without leaving a thoughtful comment and this time she left something even more precious: a little nudge. The simple fact that she had commented on my post made me look up her latest ones. Which led me straight to Mooji. And this in turn led me to a beautiful quote that has been with me since.

You have tried it the hard way,
now try it the heart’s way,
the effortless way, for a while.

I have not come to burden you
but rather to free you
of the notion that
you need to work hard
to awaken to the Self.

The Divine is not even
a breath away from you.
It can never be apart from you.
It is the core of your very Being.

~ Mooji

Needless to say this resonated a lot with me, given that I had just recently come to realize that I’ve been living life the hard way for way too long, wrestling with it rather than trusting it. I had also just come to the conclusion that I wanted to try a different approach. One of more flow. One of less resistance. One of giving up control (gulp). One of not knowing and being comfortable with it (double gulp).

Of course, this kind of change doesn’t come easily. At least not to me. So I have my rebounds and relapses. But I keep coming back to this idea. And it’s starting to grow on me. If only for the simple reason that it feels so much better than its alternative. And it’s starting to become a lived experience rather than a mere theoretical concept. Like a big jigsaw puzzle slowly taking shape. You keep picking up part after part, each and every one of them being just a snipped of the bigger picture about to be revealed once you put them all together.

So I keep picking up those snippets that attract me, that make me curious, or bring me joy, – following the heart’s way. Hoping that eventually it will lead me to a wider perspective of how all of the individual parts fit together as a whole. I might misplace one part from time to time. Put it somewhere where it doesn’t belong. But I trust that in time it will become obvious where it does. Until then I leave it where it is and keep picking up new parts. And putting them where I feel they fit in. For now.

In the big jigsaw of my self.


6 thoughts on “Living life the heart’s way

  1. “So I keep picking up those snippets that attract me, that make me curious, or bring me joy, – following the heart’s way.” That’s exactly what I do. In fact, I was just thinking about this very process just a few days ago. I pay attention to what I notice, follow my curiosity, look them over, feel into them, and then decide through my heart whether to keep it, put it in my back pocket for later, or keep part of it and toss the rest. I call it, following the breadcrumbs. With me, it’s more of a never-ending path of crumbs to find. But I do look at my son as a puzzle whose many pieces we’ve been discovering.

    Beautifully put!

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    1. It’s funny, for quite some time now I’ve also had a competing image in my head, that of a chicken picking up one grain after the other, so content of finding another one, and then another one, that it did not matter at all where this thread of grain would take it. Could have been breadcrumbs, too. 😉 I find both analogies very helpful in a situation where everything is so unclear and in which I tend to wish for more clarity on the destination which, I guess, would take all excitement and surprise out of the equation… Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your own experience. It’s reassuring that this seems to work, and more than that, maybe even fun!

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